“I believe that all stakeholders, whether they be staff, farms, customers, suppliers, consumers, our environment or the communities we live and work in, should have the opportunity to benefit from our business. Which is why we are proud to be supporting the Delamere Dairy Foundation. A balanced approach, not only for today, but also for tomorrow and for all future generations.”

Ed Salt, Managing Director,
Delamere Dairy

Delamere Dairy Ltd has been instrumental in the concept and thinking behind the Delamere Dairy Foundation and is proud of the association and the support it can provide. Delamere Dairy’s sustainable approach to business, its ethics, values and vision inspired the concept of the Corporate Foundation, driven by a desire to ‘do the right thing’, now and in the long term, by giving back to the communities in which it operates.

Though financially supported by Delamere Dairy Ltd and affiliated by name, the Delamere Dairy Foundation, established in October 2020, is a self-governing, independent registered charity with a clear purpose of giving back to local and wider communities through the provision of discretionary grants and other financial assistance.

The Foundation is run by independent trustees and grant panel members who consider applications for funding in line with the Foundation’s objects as set out in its Constitution and with the charitable support of Delamere Dairy. Applications are welcome from charities and organisations whose purpose fits with the objects of the Delamere Dairy Foundation for the benefit of the public, namely

  • The advancement of agriculture and of environmental protection
  • The advancement in life of young people by developing their capabilities so that they may mature as contributory members of society
  • The relief of financial hardship
  • The advancement of education
  • The relief of sickness

Who can apply?

Applications for grants and financial support will be considered from charities and other organisations based in England, Scotland and Wales whose work benefits local communities, and whose purpose aligns with the Foundation’s objects (see list above). Information on the Delamere Dairy Foundation can be found on the Charity Commission register by searching charity number 1191627, or clicking here.

How much can you apply for?

A minimum of £1000 up to £5000. Charities and organisations may apply once per calendar year.

Deadline for applications

The application window for the Autumn 2024 Panel is now open until 31st August 2024.


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