Established in 1996, Lincolnshire Wolds RDA offers children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to learn horse riding and carriage drive.

Accommodating both physical and learning disabilities, it offers a range of activities from therapeutic riding and driving to structured learning days, holiday camps and competitions. Its group meets several times a week at a yard in Louth all year round to enjoy riding and driving our ponies.

The purpose of the Lincolnshire Wolds RDA group is to provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities in and around the local area.

It has over 30 riders and 10 carriage drivers of all age groups and has adapted carriages with a new Fenix carriage to add flexibility for all drivers.

The LWRDA offers people in the community the chance experience the benefits that horse riding can bring including improved fitness, confidence and communication skills.

The charity’s aim is to provide the highest standard of instruction in a range of activities, riding, carriage driving, grooming and horse care.

It also has one of the top flatwork simulators in the country which means that all riders, that are challenged by live horses, can enjoy exploring the zoo, the beach, castles and lakes and the therapeutic benefits of riding. The simulator also has an advanced dressage programme so more experienced riders can practice Grand Prix dressage movements in the arena, which makes it a lot more interesting.

The grant from our Foundation has funded the construction of a new field shelter for the ponies.