Yorkshire Air Ambulance 

The job of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance is to deliver a swift and life-saving emergency service to individuals working, residing, or travelling across Yorkshire. Speed is paramount in saving lives and preventing life-changing injuries.

Our Foundation recently funded the purchase of 16 new paramedic kit bags for crew.  With these response bags, the medical crew can rapidly take flight with all the necessary medical equipment to save lives. The primary response bag contains equipment for patients who are critically ill. The secondary or critical care bag contains equipment for advanced medical or surgical interventions.

The service has saved thousands of lives. Without these response bags, the helicopters cannot take off the ground. The bags store and transport vital medical supplies and drugs to casualties, allowing the medical crew to deliver pre-hospital emergency care on scene, wherever the patients are.

Having the right equipment to hand when the medical crew needs it is vital when a casualty is not breathing, losing blood or their heart has stopped.

The modular bags with organised pouches, allow easy and quick access to potentially lifesaving drugs. The new ones are smaller and more lightweight than previous bags, reducing the load for the medical crew and the likelihood of moving and handling injuries.

Pouches are organised with adult and paediatric equipment separated. The interior of the bags is weatherproof, meaning the contents are protected, whatever the weather.

The response bags can be worn rucksack style when carried over long distances on foot. This is particularly important when the crew attend scenes which are on difficult terrain including urban, rural, and remote hillside environments.

Since the funded equipment has been operational, between January 2023 to end of March 2023, YAA has attended 444 missions and treated 249 patients at the scene.

Between April 2021 and March 2022 – YAA attended on average, 425 incidents per quarter. The above figure is slightly higher, per quarter, than the previous year, showing an increase in demand for this emergency service.

“We extend our profound gratitude to Delamere Dairy Foundation for its generous donation which has funded 16 new paramedic kit bags and has been instrumental in enhancing our operational efficiency.

These essential pieces of equipment are invaluable to our Charity, and thanks to this contribution, we now have eight bags available at each airbase: two for our aircraft, two for our rapid response vehicles, two for training purposes, and two fully stocked and ready for immediate deployment.

This support enables us to deliver critical care efficiently and reach those in need quickly. On behalf of the entire Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity and the countless lives this donation will impact, we sincerely thank the Delamere Foundation for their commitment to our cause.”

Marianne Haworth – Grants and Trusts Manager – YAA