1. How do we apply?

To process any grant request, we need to receive an online application form which can be found on our website as follows: https://delameredairyfoundation.org.uk/apply/

Once, received, your application will be processed for our next panel. These are held twice a year, typically in autumn time and again in the spring.

2. What sort of organisations will the Foundation fund?

You don’t need to be a farm, or farming-related organisation to apply. Applications are welcome from charities and organisations whose purpose fits with one or more of the objects of the Delamere Dairy Foundation for the benefit of the public, namely:

• The advancement of agriculture and environmental protection
• The advancement in life of young people (under the age of 25) by developing their capabilities so that they may mature as contributory members of society
• The relief of financial hardship
• The advancement of education
• The relief of sickness

Please look at our case study pages to see some of the charities that we have recently funded.

PTAs are welcome to apply if it is for a project that is not covered by Government or Diocese funding.

3. Are Parish Councils eligible to apply?

We do not award grants to Parish Councils. Local charity organisations or community groups are eligible to apply.

4. Can we apply for more than one grant?

There is no limit on the number of applications that an organisation can submit during a grant round. However, it is preferable to share just one. We find this helps us understand how best we could help you if we do provide funding.

5. Will the Foundation consider costs for core funding?

It depends on the project. The grant panel members will look at what the project/organisation is trying to achieve, who it’s going to benefit, how big the impact will be and if it fits with one or more of the objects of the Delamere Dairy Foundation.

We have examples where we have funded core costs and where we have funded just project costs. We do not cover historical costs or costs beyond 12 months.

6. What makes a strong application?

Please be structured and concise in the information shared providing a good overview of the whole charity and what its aims are.

Aim to provide a good feel for the project, with some background and context and outline the potential impact should you be successful. If you are planning to provide services with the funding, please include the details of this request.

7. How does the process work once the application is submitted?

Once the application has been received, you will either receive a request for further information or to tell you that you have not been successful this time. Please bear with us, we have lots of applications and it takes considerable time to read and review them all.

If you have applied using our online form, you will hear from us either way. We appreciate your patience.

8. Does the project need to help a specific number of people to be considered?

We don’t have any fixed rules regarding the number of beneficiaries, but the more people that we can help, in a meaningful way, the better. We do evaluate the proposed number of beneficiaries, and if it seems unachievable, unrealistic or lacks a proper explanation, it may negatively impact the score of the request when it is assessed for feasibility.

9. Can we apply for part-funding of a project?

The Trustees are happy to both fund whole projects or an element of a project within the boundaries of £1000 to £5000. When part funding is requested, the grant panel may withhold payment of a grant until other funds are received. In addition, for part funding, it needs to be clear on how the remaining funds will be secured, to give the grant panel members confidence that the project will go ahead.

10. If we aren’t successful, are we able to reapply?

We ask the organisations that have been successful in receiving funding to wait 12 months before applying again.

If you haven’t received funding, then you can apply twice a year at each panel. You are welcome to re-submit the original application, but this must be done via the online application form.